Victoria Burglary Attorney

A Texas theft charge is incredibly serious. A conviction can mean imprisonment, fines, large amount of restitution and a tarnished criminal record that you may have for life. Because of the severity of these consequences, it is extremely important to reach out to an experienced defense lawyer who can aggressively defend you if you are faced with a criminal charge.

Port Lavaca Theft Lawyer Serving The Crossroads Area

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your criminal charge, I am ready to bring more than a decade of experience to aggressively advocate for you. I have extensive experience helping clients reach ideal resolutions in cases involving:

  • Misdemeanor theft (property valued at less than $1500)
  • Felony theft (property valued at $1500 or more)
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting
  • Auto theft
  • White collar crimes such as forgery and embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Car theft charges
  • Credit card fraud and check forgery
  • Employee theft, embezzlement
  • Possession of stolen goods
  • Internet fraud crimes
  • Shoplifting crimes

By using the experience and comprehensive knowledge I developed as a prosecuting attorney, I will work directly with you on your case to understand all details related to the charge. From there, I will perform rigorous investigation to find any exculpatory evidence or attack any weakness in the prosecution's case. I will do everything I can to mitigate all consequences and to protect your future.

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