Victoria Child Custody Attorney

In the wake of separation, it is extremely important that children are able to maintain healthy relationships with both parents if it is in the child's best interests.

Child custody cases are some of the most difficult and expensive cases in family law because people consider their children to be the most important people in their lives. When dealing with your child and custody, it is important to have an attorney who understands the law and what the courts can do.

Many times, it is good to have parents that agree on the issues. When it's possible to reach an agreement in the best interest of a child, it is ideal. The courts must decide what is in the best interests of the child. This may include involvement from both parents. In others, it may be having one parent supervised or having reduced visitation if child abuse or drug abuse are involved. I make sure to work toward a custody agreement that is in the best interests of the child. Because child custody agreements can last until your child turns 18, it is important that it be done correctly.

Regardless of your family's situation, needs, or goals, it is important to reach out to a skilled attorney to help you ideally resolve these issues.

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Because I have helped hundreds of families address custody issues, there is no issue for which I am not prepared. I will work directly with you to understand your needs and do whatever's possible to help you reach an ideal resolution for you and your children.

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