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The majority of child support is enforced by the Texas Attorney General's Office. When you are facing action by the office to pay child support, it is very important that you hire an attorney that understands the system. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up to not meet your child support obligations. Failure to pay child support can result in 180 days in jail. It is important to have an attorney advocating for your interests when you are talking with the attorney general's office.

When it comes to child and spousal support, the Texas courts consider multiple issues. Texas Family Code, Title I, Section 8 indicates that spousal support may be considered in cases when one spouse:

  • Is unable to support himself or herself through employment as a result of physical or mental disability
  • Is unable to work outside of the home due to the need to care for a child of the marriage who is physically or mentally disabled
  • Lacks earning ability to provide for his or her minimum reasonable needs

The courts will consider multiple ways where support may be reasonable, including:

  • Awards of temporary spousal support while a divorce is ongoing
  • Spousal support awards resulting from an agreement between spouses
  • Spousal support based on financial need and special circumstances

Regardless of the support issues with which you are faced, the skill and expertise of an experienced attorney is crucial.

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I am ready to bring the experience I have honed in more than a decade of practice to help you and your loved ones reach an ideal outcome in any support issue. I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

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